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Graft versus host disease after liver transplantation: A case report
1Department of Gastroenterology and Organ Transplantation Center, Sakarya University Faculty of Medicine, Sakarya, Turkey
2Department of Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit, Bilim University Faculty of Medicine, Sisli Florence Nightingale Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
3Department of Pathology, Acibadem University Fculty of Medicine and Nisantasi Pathology Center, Istanbul, Turkey
4Department of General Surgery and Organ Transplantation Center, Memorial Atasehir Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
5Department of Gastroenterology and Organ Transplantation Center, Koc University Faculty of Medicine. Istanbul, Turkey
Hepatology Forum 2022; 1(3): 30-32 DOI: 10.14744/hf.2021.2021.0006 PMCID: PMC9138908
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Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) is a severe immunological-clinicopathological condition mediated by healthy T-lymphocytes in donor tissue against the immunosuppressed host tissue and rarely seen after solid organ transplantation (SOT). A 72-year old male patient underwent cadaveric liver transplantation. On day 34 of the postoperative follow-up, the patient developed fever, generalized skin rash and hemorrhagic lesions in the oropharynx. Skin biopsy was consistent with GVHD. Despite high-dose corticosteroid treatment, he died on postoperative day 51. Although it is seen rarely after liver transplantation, GVHD is an important clinical entity for which early diagnosis is critical due to its high rates of mortality.